MSU, 2021.




When we exist, with only a vague idea of what life truly is and where our existence lead... we may experience a craving to answer many questions asked without awareness. Still, if we receive a positive answer it becomes, in a way, a moment of healing. A point on the grid of a coordinate system brought to life, pulsating - voluntarily and consciously- in relation to all the other points.


An event of this kind is possible, but it is essential to stress that it always begins now, and it can be at any of the points on the timeline of our lives. The only certainty is that the healing directs us towards the Whole, where the meaning lies.


A well-known French author wrote:


Concerning the life story, there are no precise instructions. The beginning can start at any point in time, just as a first glance can alight on any point within a painting; what matters is that, gradually, the whole picture reemerges.